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Independence Day 15 August Speech In Kannada Marathi 2019

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Independence Day Speech In Marathi Kannada

15 August Speech In Kannada 2019

15 August 1947 is the most significant date for every single Indian. On this day, our nation was announced as the autonomous nation and was free from the British principle. The opportunity we got was the main consequence of constant walk pasts, day night battles between Indian warriors and British armed force, and the penances of all Indians that partook in the battle of Independence.

Today, we as a whole are here praising the 73rd opportunity commemoration of 15 August Independence Day of India. On this enthusiastic day, head administrator of India, raise the national banner “Tiranga” over the Red Fort at Delhi and unique procession is sorted out from the India entryway, giving the tribute who lost their lives during the Independence day war.

Praising the Independence day 2015, different move exhibitions and social occasions are to be a piece of the festival service where individuals from everywhere throughout the Indian states come and demonstrate their customary move. Alongside the move projects, warriors and armed force men demonstrate all the three in number forces air, water, land to the regular open. Each one sing national song of devotion of India which is JANA GANA MANA. Each one stop for the national song of praise of our nation. On this day the extraordinary characters, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and each one of the individuals who had significant job in offering freedom to India are recollected with amazing privilege and regard.

Incredibly, days before the 15 August, avenues are cleared, schools are adorned and exceptional mindfulness is made in regards to tidiness. National banner is raised on the highest points of the schools, universities, government structures and instructive offices. Children and younger students participates in motorcades, move rivalries, test rivalries and social occasions.

We as a whole should participate in the advancement of our nation and just thinks in the support of our country. So come and take promise that we will take our country higher than ever of improvement and should glad for our nation. Jai Hind.

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